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  1. A new zodiac challenge is going viral and it will roast your star sign
  2. zodiac memes tumblr - Google Search | *ZODIAC!!!!* | Zodiac signs, Zodiac memes, Zodiac funny
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A new zodiac challenge is going viral and it will roast your star sign

Rodelas, who was raised in a Catholic household, says her mother subscribed to an array of mystical practices. But about seven years ago, while struggling with severe depression and anxiety, Rodelas found her way back to her Christian faith. In fact, she credits the combination with getting her through a difficult year at work.

But when Rodelas shared her penchant for astrology at work, reactions were mixed. But as I would casually mention it, I did find other people at the office who were interested. For Rodelas, talking about her Christian faith in the workplace can be tricky.

The same is true with astrology. There is, of course, no proven correlation between the location of planets and your personal life. But the question of whether any of this is scientifically accurate is beside the point for many. When astrology is openly discussed at work, it can be its own kind of team building.

zodiac memes tumblr - Google Search | *ZODIAC!!!!* | Zodiac signs, Zodiac memes, Zodiac funny

A few tbts in celebration of the birth of beyonce, our Virgo queen! A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Sep 4, at pm PDT. In June, her company got a Gemini birthday cake for all of her coworkers who identify as Geminis. Astrology can provide language and context for social interactions—a crutch to explain away behavior, in some cases, but also a conduit for freer expression.

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The same can be true of workplace interactions. Is it so bad to group people by sign? Your sun sign alone may not accurately represent who you are, but take a gander at your full birth chart, and the reading feels intimate and endlessly customizable.

The zodiac at work

Denise describes an eerily accurate reading she recently got on the Pattern app, which detailed her relationship with managers, including the specific type of micromanaging that she dislikes. Instagram astrology master Courtney Perkins notallgeminis has been killing the astrology meme game. She takes popular meme formats and spins them into truths about your sign that will likely trigger even the most stoic Capricorn. These takes on the viral 'Is This A Pigeon? Download Cheezburger App for Free.

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Zodiac Signs Meme Generator

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