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Our ambition is to provide a good description of our operations, market position and development. Handicare offers solutions and support to increase the independence of physically challenged or elderly people, and to enable them to live an active life on their terms as well as to facilitate work for their care providers and family. We offer curved and straight stairlifts, transfer, lifting and repositioning aids and vehicle accessibility products and solutions. Our offering encompasses a comprehensive range of curved and straight stairlifts, transfer, lifting and repositioning aids, vehicle accessibility products and solutions.

With my present reading- Queen of cups, you described me well. I am a practical businesswoman window dresser and I do enjoy caring for other people.

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I see myself as the very motherly type. I like to look after people by cooking for them and listening to their problems and being sympathetic, a shoulder to cry on etc. You said that my love was fading for my partner, which it did and he has now gone. You felt that I would get involved with someone new, job related. That earning money wouldn't be thereason for working overtime- the reason would be because I wanted to spend time with a guy I'm working with This is yet to happen… Unless it means me helping out in another field of work and not the job I'm actually doing I could see this happening in the not so distant future..

I'll explain. It was regarding meeting a man at work and that I would be working overtime. Not for the money but so I could be with him. The guy from school has out of work interests. He has a Working dog, ferrets and a Hawk. I might be offered to ask to help out in these areas in the future.

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You said, not to come across too eager to this man and he would be falling at my feet. You said you could see me travelling with this man and that this man was unsure of himself. He had been hurt in the past and was not willing to show his feelings and that it would be hard to get him to notice me. He was waiting for me. You could seeus meetingand that it would be a complete surprise to me. You said that we would meet by water during a waxing moon. All the above was relevant, here is my story now….

When I contacted you last April, I had already sent an email to the guy I liked from school. In fact I'd already sent two, over a two-month period, with no reply. After I read your reading, I sent him another one, just asking if he was ok and what I'd been doing and that shortly I'd be going on holiday. The day after I got back from holiday, I realised things hadn't sorted themselves out between my partner and me and we discussed separating. That dayI checked my emails. My friend from schoolhad sent me an email. A very nice one too. We emailed each other every week. Bearing in mind I was still with my partner then, the relationship was hanging on a thread, until one day, I asked him to leave which he did.

I grew close to my new long lost friend thro emails. We talked about everything.

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He knew I had problems with my relationship. He had split from someone and was still very hurt at the time. I was surprised whenhe asked if I fancied meeting up to take his dog for a walk. With me not being able to drive and living in the city and him livingin the countryside seemed a bit awkward. I offered to get a taxi down to his but he offered to pick me up, so I agreed.

I left it to him where to go, we parked up in a field next to a river. Guess what, it was a during a waxing moon too as you predicted.


October 20 Zodiac

As the months have passed, we have built up a good friendship with this man His scars are healing and he's helped mine to healtoo. He's helped me remember who I was and who I am.. We travel in to the countryside quite a lot for walks and meals.

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He makes me feel like a different person to what I was a year ago. We haven't got to holding hands stage just yet, he seems scared to get involved and doesn't know how to react when I give him a kiss on the cheek goodbye when we've been out. I know he likes me though, I feel that he's just unsure of himself. So the next chapter is still left to unfold but I feel so much more optimistic and positive about where my life is going. I treat my ex partner with respect and didn't do anything deceitful I thought. Although I did find out that my ex partner fell into the arms of another woman who he'd been seeing before we broke up!

Thanks again for the reading Tilly.

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Kind regards Wishes to Remain Anonymous xx. This beautiful lady holds the answer! Truely gifted psychic,thx Tilly referred ux. I can't believe that they actually came true only a few days later!! Now that's something to add to your website feedback!!! I felt instinctively she wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear and what she did brought me great comfort. Hayrides will replace standard trolley tours. Presented by ArkansasStaged, "Squeamish" is a psychological horror story about Sharon, a New York City psychiatrist and recovering alcoholic, who finds herself in her hometown on the Texas Panhandle at the funeral of her beloved nephew, who died unexpectedly.

Through her storytelling, we experience a tale of blood -- the fluid that flows through our veins, the tie that link us to family, and the grotesque temperaments we struggle to keep under wraps.

Tilly videos / InfiniTube

Kids can come in costume and bring a friend for a fun evening of safe trick-or-treating and a hot dog supper. Adults are encouraged to get extra creative with vehicle trunk decorating. Prizes will be awarded for the "Best" in several categories. Three separate mazes on 16 acres, a corn cannon, pumpkin sling shot, barrel train and children's play train are just the tip of the iceberg of this family-friendly fall wonderland. This fun and interactive event is based on a time traveler who solves history's greatest mysteries.

On Halloween, the historic downtown square in Fayetteville will be invaded by monsters, princesses and caped crusaders -- and local businesses will be ready with candy.

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Fasten your garter belt, come up to the lab and see what's on the slab! The popular Rocky Horror movie night is back The event, hosted by Experience Fayetteville, invites trick-or-treaters to come to the square to get candy and treats from businesses on the square and city departments and services. College Ave. Joyce Blvd. Main St. Fridays and Saturdays in October and Oct. WHEN -- p. Central Ave.