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Gemini men have great zodiac sense of humors and when they like someone they can appear very full on and enthusiastic.

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The key to intriguing a Gemini man and really getting his attention is by being a little mysterious. Don't reveal your secrets all at once because a Gemini man loves playing the detective. Be careful because Gemini men belong to a very sensitive zodiac sign , so think before you speak! A Gemini is compatible with an Aquarius or a Libra because they feel at ease together. Relationships between these signs are strong and connected on a deeper level. A Gemini is an intellectual!

What he likes are long discussions, never-ending flirting, and evenings where he can put the world to rights. Gemini is talented in many things and knows how to hold a proper conversation. Gemini man is a jack of all trades and loves experimenting with new activities. Gemini man has a free spirit which is why he craves new experiences. Gemini guys can be provocative, and heartbreakers. He loves teasing people to attract them.

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Above all, a Gemini male is passionate, fun and original! Gemini is an intellectual, so he needs to work his brain! He likes words and fixations, which is why he may get excited during a theater class, debates or conferences. He loves to read especially newspapers or comics rather than long novels and loves playing card and board games.

He loves to be surrounded by people, going to concerts, shows, and out for dinner with friends!

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The DARK SIDED Gemini Man: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Gemini personality: Intellectual The Gemini personality is brought to life through an intense intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery. Show you understand his personality.

Gemini Men Characteristics

Be witty and fun. Plan interesting dates. Surprise him! Keep him guessing. Is Gemini man likely to fall in love in ? Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0. See more comments. We reveal all! Don't miss our advice on how to win him over.

Gemini Man | Gemini Men Traits In Love, In Bed, Dating & Relationships

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